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The Living Donor Experience

This is a place where you can view videos and read about the experiences of others who have actually gone through the living donation process.

Go to the bottom of this page to see how you can submit your own story, share your blog, or submit a video for the LDO Video Channel. If you need to learn how to make a video, click here for general instructions.

You can also submit your story to the Rock1Kidney web site here:


Click on the YouTube logo below to visit the Living Donors Online Video Channel and view videos made by living donors about their donation experiences.

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Written Stories and Blogs

In this section, you are able to read the stories of actual living donors. There are separate sections for kidney donation, liver donation, bone marrow, and lung donation.

Kidney Donation Experiences:

  • Rich Ostry's story of living kidney donation to his wife.

  • Amy's living kidney donation and her experience with post-donation pregnancy.

  • Debbie's living kidney donation to her sister and their post-op complications.

  • Kelly's anonymous kidney donation to a stranger.

  • Karl's donation to his cousin.

  • Marcia's donation to her brother.

  • Angie's living kidney donation to her brother.

  • Link to the Tissot Family site. Kidney donation.

  • Shelly's web site about her living kidney donation to her son, Bryan.

  • Molly's story of kidney donation to her long-time friend.

  • Ellen's donation to her trainer.

  • Cathy's donation to her friend's husband.

  • Rhoda's donation to her husband.

  • Mary donated to her brother.

  • Norm's kidney donation to his friend...after a chance encounter.

  • Father Pat's non-directed (anonymous) donation.

  • Tim's "Three Weeks"—his living kidney donation to his son.

  • Janice's birthday present to her huband...a kidney!

  • Steve's kindey donation journal.

  • Patricia donates to a stranger.

  • Ginger donates to her dad.

  • A Newsweek "My Turn" article about John Hodges and his living kidney donation to a stranger.

  • Sam's living kidney donation experience two years later.

  • Parmjit's donation to her husband.

  • John Martin, a transplant recipient, tells his story, including the donation from his dad.

  • Rita's story about her ABO-incompatible donation to her husband.

  • Kelly's donation to a friend.

  • Vic's donation to Sue in Western Australia.

  • Sonja's donation to a coworker's husband.

  • Jan's donation to her toddler.

  • Jenny's altruistic donation in Canada to someone she met on Living Donors Online.

  • Katie's donation to her mom.

  • Ngarie's story, "No Strings Attached," about her donation to her brother.

  • Guy's story, "El-Chupacabras Kidney."

  • A newspaper article on Twauna's unrelated donation.

  • Article from NYU Physician magazine of Amy's donation to her sister, Kim. (A PDF file.)

  • Susan's "joyously given gift" to Juli. (A PDF file.)

  • Heather's donation to her diabetic mother.

  • Steve's story of kidney donation to a stranger.

  • Yolanda's donation to her twin sister.

  • Kristen's recognition as a bone marrow and kidney donor.

  • When a selfless act became a stimulating example: William L. Willard Sr.'s attempted living kidney donation from his son.

  • Donation to Father-in-law.

  • Christi describes her donation to an acquaintance from church (requires Microsoft Word).

  • PRW donates through Matchingdonors.

  • Dennis L. Otter: No Greater Experience

  • Sandro's donation in 1993.

  • A twin sister's donation - reflections after my twin's death

  • Amanda's donation to her father.

  • Scott's amazing story of recovery and redemption: You Saved My Life!

  • Kevin's donation to his wife's friend.

  • Robert Devine shares his living kidney donation to his sister on his blog.

  • Tom Simon's blog on his kidney donation.

  • Here's Trapper's story of donating to a friend.

  • Suzanne donates to person at her temple.

  • A Kidney Donor Story by Julie Sindel.

  • Tristan's kidney donation to his cousin.

  • Honey donated to her long-time friend.

  • The Valentine's Day Gift.

  • Lee's donation to her brother-in-law.

  • Debbie donates to her husband.

  • Richard's story.

  • Cindy's living kidney donation.

  • Diane's donation.

  • Chad's non-directed living donation.

  • Aurea's donation to her step-father.

  • Steve and his brother.

  • Anna and Nicole's blog: one kidney's journey.

  • Chuck's donation to a church member-friend.

  • Mark donates to his brother.

  • Linda's donation as part of a six-way kidney exchange.

  • "Best-est" friends Stella and Terrie share their adventure, and a kidney

  • Melissa's blog about her donation to someone she connected with through LDO.

  • Wayne's blog about his anonymous donation experience.

  • Audrey's donation to her cousin's husband.

  • Patrice and her sister.

  • Brooke's donation and blog link.

  • My sister saved my life when i was trying to save hers

  • Lissette's paired donation experience.

  • Peggy donates to a church friend.

  • Giving the Gift, by Amanda Smith

  • A newspaper article about Stephie's gift to her father.

  • Marie donates to a parish member.

  • Donating to my father-in-law.

  • Sarah describes her donation journey in this PDF file captured from her blog.

  • Liam and the ligher side of donating.

  • Michael Polodny shares the content from his kidney donation blog.

  • Lisa's post-donation challenges.

  • A blog about George's journey toward a nondirected altruistic kidney donation.

  • Keith's donation to his brother.

  • Vesper's blog about participating in the paired donation network after her mother's kidney failure.

  • Hitting the Genetic Jackpot: Giving My Son a Kidney.

  • Laura's donation of her right kidney to her hustand's sister.

  • Lee Adams wrote a book about her experiences called "Donor Girl."

  • Dennis donates at age 67.

  • Cara's domino donation

  • A blog about one person's road to anonymous donation.

  • Elaine on managing post-operative pain.

  • Nicholle's paired exchange donation.

  • Janine Marquardson, Mrs. International 2010 and living donor, is spending her year educating others on the importance of organ donation.

  • Samantha's living kidney donation experience and her YouTube video.

  • Pearl describes her donation to her brother in the UK.

  • Diane's blog about her anonymous donation in the UK.

  • Thea's blog about her experience as a unrelated directed living kidney donor.

  • David's donation to a friend from church.

  • Lauren's blog about her journey as an anonymous donor.

  • Kim's donation to her friend.

  • Donna prepares to donate to her husband.

  • Transatlantic donation story between friends. Website also provides general transplant information.

  • Reflections of a living kidney donor.

  • Tara donates to her brother.

  • Bob's anonymous donation in Canada.

  • Anne's blog about her kidney donation.

  • Tori shares her donation stories--one before and one after.

  • Jennifer's blog about her kidney donation to her step-dad and her life since then.

  • Elizabeth blogs about her experiences donating a kidney to her husand.

  • Ray blogs about becoming a nondirected kidney donor.

  • Sharon blogs about her kidney donation: Part I, Part II.

  • Debra describes her anonymous donation experience.

  • Jennifer's donation in the pre-Internet era.

  • Laura's blog about her "awesome experience as a kidney donor."

  • News video about Connie Rim's "kidney chain" donation (links may expire): here and here.

  • Blog--two guys, one kidney:

  • My donation story: Lorri Silk

  • About Melanie's kidney donation, on YouTube

  • Joe's, "A Living Story," about his donation to his father.

  • From Michelle: here is the link to a blog on my experience as a live kidney donor to a friend. It only touches the surface. Along the way I reached out to someone who was a kidney donor. It helped me in my process and I hope to be able to do the same for others! This experience has changed my life!!! I told Lance (my recipient) that I got just as much out of it as he did!!!!  I have signed up to be an Ambassador for Donate Life and am looking for any opportunity to continue to spread the word, educate people, and help make a difference. "Choose Life" - My surgery was on Aug. 2, 2013.

  • Mark donates to his neighbor.

  • "It's hard to start a letter like this."

  • A "bad ass" donates to his girlfriend via paired exchange.

  • Mary offers some tips for future donors.

  • Here is a video about Lisa's kidney donation.

  • David writes about life after donation.

  • "Diary of a Kidney Donor," a blog on donation before and after the transplant.

  • Becky describes the emergency that occured during her donation surgery.

  • Bobbie's donation to her mother in 1979.

  • Born Wisdom: How Donating My Kidney Led to the Group U2 & Apple Saving My Life

  • Ryan donates to his mom.

  • Catherine describes donating a kidney to her PKD sister.

  • Jaime shares the experience of donating to brother on this blog.

  • Helene describes her anonymous kidney donation.

  • Tracy donates to her best friend.

  • A living donor with complications and no help from the hospital.

  • A Living Kidney Donor's Story: Andy shares his donation experience from 40 years ago. 

Liver Donation Experiences:

  • Caron's living liver donation to her father.

  • Lyn's liver donation to a toddler.

  • Pauline's living liver donation at Mt. Sinai.

  • Ann's story of donating to a child.

  • Pamela's story of donating to her sister.

  • Sherry's big adventure—this page is in a nonstandard format and may not be readible by all browsers. I've posted her story, which is primarily a series of emails, exactly as she sent it. Consider it web vérité.

  • Danielle's story and request for prayers.

  • Dave's donation to his young son.

  • Kathryn's story of donating to a friend.

  • Tammy: living liver donor to her son.

  • John donates to his wife, Christine

  • Jeremy donates to his dad.

  • Nicole shares the story of her dad's liver donation to her uncle.

  • Mike created a website in 2006 about being a living related liver donor to his nephew.  The website includes a description and photos of the surgery, some being graphic.  Mike says the site is meant as a means to show the process and hopefully to help others who are thinking about donating. 

  • Naeem, living liver donor to his uncle.

  • Lorie's web site on her living liver donation gone wrong:

  • Dr. Mark Stefanelli's web site and book about his living liver donation experinence.

  • Tom shares his experience of donating to his babysitter's son.

  • Geetha's donation to her husband.

  • Primum Non Nocere by Lorraine Hawks, widow of a living liver donor.

  • Jack's and Jon's story.

  • What would you do for a brother?

Bone Marrow Donation Experiences:

  • Link to bone marrow donation testimonials on Transweb.

  • Lorenz's peripheral blood stem cell donation (bone marrow) donation story.

  • Louis's blog on stem cell donation to his brother.

  • Ling's blog on her bone marrow donation.

Lung Donation Experiences:

  • Holding a spot for your story....

Submitting Your Own Story

We're interested in your experience with living donation! Please share your story with others so we can provide the support to other donors and potential donors through greater understanding.

To submit your written story, send an email  to ldostory [at] and do one of the following:

  • Include your story in the body of the email.

  • Attach a file containing your story. The file can be an ASCII text, Microsoft Word, PDF, or HTML file.

  • Include the URL address (e.g. where we can find your story or blog.

Please also include the date of your donation in the email or in your story.

To submit your video, you can do one of the following:

  • Upload your video to YouTube, then send us an email to tell us where to find it. We'll add it to the LDO Video Channel as a "favorite."

  • Send us an email to let you know you have the video. We'll reply to work out an arrangement for you to send us the video file. We will then upload the video to the LDO Video Channel.

Thank you for your help in supporting LDO's goals of education and support!

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